Travelling Microscopes

The microscope consists of a heavy cast iron base fitted with three levelling screws with the top machined over which slides a gun metal carriage. The slide can be clamped at any position by means of a clamping screw. Fine Adjustments for final reading is done with a micrometer screw. A vertical slide operating in a similar way is fitted on the horizontal carriage. The microscope with rack and pinion is fitted on the vertical or horizontal position of microscope. Microscope tube is fitted with 10x Ramsden Eye Piece with cross line graticule & an Achromatic 2"or 3" focal length objective of high quality. Travels 17 cms horizontally and 14 cms vertically. Guaranteed accurate vernier reading 0.02 or 0.01 mm. With swing out magnifier for reading vernier. Packed in a sturdy wooden box.